Single lens reflex cameras

    This is a listing of some of my favorite single-lens reflex cameras and a few of the many models produced in the Soviet Union.

   I have used Nikon cameras since the 1960s. Nikon was the professional standard for decades. Since the appearence of digital SLRs Nikon has been challenged--in some cases surpassed by Canon. The F6 may be the last Nikon Professional SLR that uses film. But there is something about the feel of the older manual focus Nikons that appeals to me.

   I tried a number of different SLRs in the 1960s and '70s,as I worked my way up to Nikon. None of them were "bad" cameras. But the Nikons of the period set the standard by which all other cameras were judged.

   The information included on the following pages is incomplete. Not all models are listed.




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