Zorki C and 2C series
   In 1955 KMZ introduced a new camera to replace the Zorki 1. The Zorki C (Cyrllic for "S" for synchronized) included a built in connector for both bulb and electronic flash. Apparently, the designers thought it was easier to enlarge the top rather than incorporating the feature into the existing Zorki 1 design. The result was, in the eyes of many collectors, a new level of ugly. Later a self-timer was added and the camera designated Model 2C. About 700,000 Zorki Cs and 2Cs were made between 1955 and 1960. Although the cameras can be good performers, they usually fetch lower prices than other Zorki models.

One camera collector quipped that a Zorki C looks like a Zorki 1 that was "beaten with an ugly stick." The "C" has a taller finder to accomodate the flash sychronizer. The rewind switch is now a collar around the shutter release instead of a seperate lever. It doesn't have a self-timer. Some of camera bodies are covered with ribbed nylon instead of vulcanite and come in several colors. 472,702 were manufactured from 1955 to 1958. This camera was made in 1956. It has an Industar 22 collapsible lens.
The Zorki 2C has both flash synchronization and a self timer. It also has lug straps on the body, something the Zorki C lacked. 214,903 2Cs were produced. The 2C was made from 1955 to 1960. This camera was made in 1959 and is in virtually new condition. To save money the lens was changed to a fixed mount (Industar 50) rather than being collapsible. The 2C seems to have been a popular presentation camera. Many can be found with inscriptions to civilians and members of the military in recognition of meritorious work or service.

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